What Does the Fox Say Birthday Party-To-Go

You have seen the video. Your kids can’t stop singing it. You might have even found yourself singing a little “ring ding ding ding” under your breath. “What Does the Fox Say?” has swept the nation and what could be more fun than a What Does the Fox Say birthday party? Perfect for kids and grown-ups alike! Check out this round-up of super fun cakes, invitations, gift ideas, decorations and more.

what does the fox say birthday party to go





Wear or Gift:

Has “What Does the Fox Say?” taken over your household yet? What other types of “birthday parties-to-go” would you like to see on Creative Geekery? Be sure to check out my Nerf and Minecraft parties-to-go! Party on! XO, ellie


  1. lisathebearfootbaker says

    You make me want to throw a what does the fox say party! I know what music and dance everyone will be doing. This is a great round up. Thanks for including my cookies 😉

  2. Rebecca says

    All of the links are going to minecraft or cornhole now. I came across this blog two weeks ago and bookmarked it for my 2 yr old son’s birthday- loved all of the ideas! I came back to look at the pin the tail on the fox, and was so sad to see the links not working.

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