Minecraft Birthday Party-To-Go

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas Roundup

Thinking about throwing a Minecraft birthday party? Awesome! I did all of the heavy lifting for you! Isn’t life awesome. Here are my favorite ideas, tips, and tutorials for how to throw a fun and low-stress Minecraft birthday party! (I did throw a couple of fancy ideas in there for you Varsity party-throwers. I am JV all the way!) XO, ellie

1. 3D Printable Invitations
3D minecraft birthday invitations

2. Super Simple Minecraft “Cake” (Rice Krispie Treats and Brownies!)

Easy Minecraft Creeper Cake

3. Not-so-simple (but AMAZing) Minecraft Character Cookies


4. DIY Creeper Tees 

DIY Creeper Shirts

5. Minecraft Photo Booth: DIY Backdrop (made out of square paper plates!) | Props

Creeper photo booth backdrop

Minecraft photo booth props

6. Digital Photo Booth

Digital Minecraft Photo Booth

7. Activities: Create your Own Minecraft “Skin”  |  Minecraft Sticker Craft

create your own Minecraft skin

Minecraft Sticker Craft

8. Favors: Creeper Backpack Tag  |  DIY Minecraft Sword  |  Mini Minecraft Chests (these would be a great activity, too!)

minecraft backpack tag

DIY Minecraft Sword

DIY Mini Minecraft Chest

All of these ideas and SO much more can be found on my birthday party to go: Minecraft Pinterest board! I will keep adding to it! Let me know if you have any posts that I should add!


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        Hi! My son has tried that app yet ;) good idea! He plays on the Xbox but the skins there cost $ :P We really had a blast at the party and now I’m working away on a Lego Star Wars party for my other son ;) Thank YOU again for featuring my party!!!!!


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