Free Printable Disney Countdown Chain


Heading to Disney for the holidays? Or maybe you are planning to surprise your kiddos with a Disney trip as a present under the tree! Either way, this free printable Disney countdown chain is just what you need! Print it out on computer paper or have some fun and use colored construction paper. Bonus: use construction paper with a little glitter in it (as seen above) and tell the kiddos it is pixie dust! If your kids already know about the trip, have them help you cut out the strips and tape or staple them into a chain. If it is a surprise, put it together yourself, gently place the chain in a shoebox (or something larger depending on how long it is until you leave!), wrap it up, and throw it under the tree! My kiddos take turns ripping off one link each day. It is a fun, visual reminder of the great time we are going to have at Disney World! XO, ellie

p.s. Huge Disney fan or a total newbie? Either way, check out my STRESS FREE DISNEY series! It’s all about the best ways to have a ton of fun AND relax and unwind while at Disney World. You do NOT have to come home tired! I promise.

File One (only need 1 copy of this!)

File Two (print as many as you need!)

(For personal use only, please.)

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