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I was first drawn to this week’s blog crush “Modern Parents Messy Kids” by a pin on Pinterest linking to what they affectionately refer to as POYEL, otherwise known as “Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life.” I will admit this is one of those pins that I quickly pinned but wondered if I would return to later. I mean, your ENTIRE life?! I was excited and overwhelmed all at once. One of the many reasons I love Pinterest: pin it and go back to it later, or maybe not.

So one day while feeling ambitious, I clicked on it and boy was I glad I did. This website, whose motto is “mindful living, effortless style,” is an absolute treasure trove of great stuff. As you may know, part of my motto here at CG is “quick and easy” so let me point you toward the good stuff and I will leave you to browse around on your own.

Here are my MPMK faves:

Virtual Book Club– I belong to a real-life book club and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Sometimes finding time to get together can be next to impossible because of busy kiddos and traveling husbands. If you can relate than maybe a virtual book club is right for you!

A Case for Making your Dining Room an Art Room– I am pretty sure my husband would never go for this but it sounds super fun. 😉

Playroom Perfection– WOW! I have seen hundreds of playroom ideas and photos on Pinterest but this one really hits a home run. I am slightly obsessed with Lego organization and the system they show here seems simple, easy to use, and cute to boot!

6-Week Meal Plan (with shopping lists)– Six whole weeks of meals planned out for you with the shopping lists included. Please and thank you! I have seen many of these making the rounds on the web but this one looks like it has the highest percentage of meals that my adorable, yet picky kiddos would actually eat.

And last but not least… the pièce de résistance:

Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life (POYEL)!

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